Kidney Facts

  If you or your loved one has kidney disease, you are not alone.

  Approximately 20 million Americans have chronic kidney disease (CKD) and an additional 20 million more are at risk.

  People who are at higher risk include:

  • African Americans
  • Hispanics
  • American Indians
  • Pacific Islanders

  People who are above the age of 65 and diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure are also at increased risk for Chronic kidney Disease.

kidney2aThere are 5 levels of CKD severity, which are defined by  the amount of  kidney damage and level of kidney function.These are categorized as Stages 1-5

  The purpose of the kidney is to filter waste products out of the blood stream and regulate salt, water and mineral balance. The hormones produced by the kidney also help   control blood pressure, bone health and production of red blood cells.