We believe that a patient’s health can only improve by providing to the patient with an excellent team of Medical Professionals.

By working with patient’s Primary care physician, following dialysis treatment, medication regimen, and diet plan, the patient can avoid complications of kidney disease. This will also help the patient to have a healthy lifestyle.

In our Clinic, we provide Chronic Kidney Disease Education to our patients.

We understand that starting dialysis is a difficult step. Successful treatment depends on patient’s willingness to be in control of improving their health.

The class on Chronic Kidney Disease offers dietary guidelines that will help patients decide as what type of diet to select for the improvement of their health. This class also gives information on types of dialysis treatments that are available.

Below are links to different types of Diet Plans that patients are to follow when treated for Chronic Kidney Disease.

High Phosphorus containing foods

High Protein containing foods

High Uric Acid containing foods

High Potassium containing foods

High Sodium containing foods